OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Fire Danger has kept crews busy across Green Country. 

Strong winds and dry conditions caused a grass fire in Osage County to reignite after burning thousands of acres this weekend. 

Crews are working to find out how these massive grass fires started.

Neighbors are hoping the winds don't cause the fire to flare up again overnight.

"Probably the closest it's been is the highway up there. Closest it's ever been to me," said Maschelle Bobbit. 

From miles away, Bobbitt said she could see the orange glow of a massive grass fire.

She was on her way home Saturday night and had no idea if the flames were close by.

"Driving in from Tulsa I did see the glow. Family and friends were worried," Bobbit said. 

Luckily the flames blew west of her home.

But the dry conditions and strong winds caused the flames to reignite overnight, making things difficult for emergency workers and the residents they were trying to protect.

"With the wind blowing the way it is. I doubt that they can get it stopped," said neighbor Mike Jones. 

It took crews just a few hours to get the fire under control. We're told this fire burned about 150 acres. 

Neighbors and firefighters said they're just glad it wasn't worse.

"Firefighters around here are really good and the rural departments are really responsive so I am proud of us as far as a rural community in that way," said Bobbit. 

Firefighters said no evacuations were ordered and no injuries were reported.