TULSA, Oklahoma - A juror who convicted Stanley Majors this week of murder speaks out about why the jury recommended the harshest punishment possible.

They found Majors guilty on all counts, including the murder of his neighbor, Khalid Jabara.

Patrick Williams said he thought deliberations would only take half an hour.

He said for him, the decision to convict Stanley Majors, was an easy one.

"It changed my life," Williams said. 

Twelve long days in a room with Stanley Majors, Williams said the whole process changed him.

Now, he says he can look back and know justice was served.

"He's been torturing this family since 2013. It's unbelievable. It had to have been a nightmare for that family," Williams said. 

Williams said in their initial vote, it was 11 to one, leaning toward the guilty side.

Eventually, the jury found Majors guilty of shooting and killing Khalid Jabara in what prosecutors called a hate crime. 

"He's just a really mean, evil person," Williams said. "His eyes were just black."

Majors' attorneys said he was an untreated schizophrenic, and believe he should have been found not guilty by reason of insanity.

But Williams said there was a specific moment during the trial that proved otherwise. 

"The jail phone calls between Mr. Majors and Mr. Schmauss were just unbelievable," Williams said. "It proved to me that he was not insane. He was very deliberate, very manipulative. Just a very mean, violent person."

Plus, the fact that Majors ran over Khalid's mother, Haifa, just the year before.

"He shouldn't have been back there in the first place," Williams said. "He shouldn't have been allowed in that home."

Now, Majors will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars after the jury recommended life without parole.

"He's never getting out of prison, so I'm satisfied with that," he said. 

"I told the jury foreman I would go either way, but I suggested we do the full extent of the law just for the Jabaras," Williams said.