ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A couple is in jail, accused of growing and smoking marijuana around their young children.

The Rogers County THUG task force said the couple even videotaped their activities on their cell phones.

Deputies tell me the two had videotaped each other trimming buds from the pot plants they were growing and also had a video of taking a big hit of pot from a bong, then blowing it toward the children. They say the video shows the kids waving their hands and coughing.

Deputies said they recovered several smoking bongs, marijuana and more than $4,000 in cash.

They said they located one smoking bong, digital scales, grinders, some THC wax and marijuana on a plate on the kitchen table, which is within reach of the kids.

They said they also found waffles containing THC in the refrigerator along with the stash of cash.

They said the master bedroom was being used to grow and harvest marijuana complete with a ventilation system, humidifier, air filter, plant nutrients and large lightbulbs.

They arrested Bradley Howell, who they said admitted to growing and selling the pot and smoking it in front of the kids.

They said he said he had even taken them with him to deliver marijuana to clients but then stopped because he thought it might be a bad idea.

They arrested his wife, Jessica Frye. They said she told them she was a social pot smoker and admitted smoking in front of the kids.

They also arrested Stephanie Devore who said she'd lived in the home for about a month. They said she admitted seeing the couple smoke pot in front of their kids.

The Rogers County THUG Task force said they've served 10 narcotics search warrants in the past month and made 16 felony arrests. They say their big priority this year is protecting drug endangered children. They said DHS has worked with them tirelessly to find safe places for these children to go, once they're removed from the homes.