TULSA, Oklahoma - More than 200 school administrators trained alongside Tulsa County Sheriffs deputies on Friday.

The training focused on teaching both groups how to keep students safe in any kind of emergency that might happen while at school.

The goal of the sessions is for all the agencies that will be working together during an actual emergency to train together. 

John More has been doing this type of training for more than 21 years. 

"Many of the mistakes out there are made in good faith, by people who just didn't know the law didn't understand their rights or the rights of the student," More said. 

He teaches how to conduct school investigations, how to handle weapons on campus and even handling evidence in potential criminal cases. He teaches school staff and law enforcement how to work together during emergencies to best protect students.

"The critical purpose of today and Oklahoma does it right, is do team trainings," More said. "We want to give them a legal road map as to what you can do and how to do it the right way."

Whether that emergency is an active shooter or learning how to protect students from an intruder that walks into school, the goal is the same.

"How to share information, to stop a problem before it happens and to emphasize that school officials and officers primary concern and their primary role is to protect students and their staff," he said. 

More than 200 administrators attended the training from schools across Northeast Oklahoma.

"Training, training and training because training not only educates those who haven't had it before, reminds them, corrects the misinformation and the misunderstanding," More said. 

Deputies said there are talks of making this training an annual event.