TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa elementary school could have BMX bike training as part of the after-school lessons.

Bike trails and a "pump track" are in the planning stages.

Tulsa Public Schools hopes to build on the success of 13 bike clubs at elementary schools by adding bike trails at more school and one very likely spot for a

BMX track would be at Emerson elementary.

The school is enlarging the school and changing to a Montessori curriculum.

TPS is adding six classrooms, an auditorium and tornado shelter.

The site covers 20 acres, plenty of room for a bike track.

The district is designing a BMX pump track, but they're not 100 percent sure they'll build it.

It depends on cost and donations, but the district notes its just a few blocks from the future headquarters of the national BMX training organization.

Regardless the district said it would be built after the school opens this fall.

The Tulsa Parks department is working on a plan to revamp Hill Park just across from the school, demolish the old rec center and do something to compliment the plans being made for Emerson.