TULSA, Oklahoma - Three Green County students are in custody after a day of threats against schools posted on social media.

At least nine area schools, from Owasso to Tulsa to Muskogee had to respond to some form of threat.

One of those threats was against Dove Science Academy in Tulsa. 

That threat led to an arrest of a 15-year-old student. 

Parents and police across Green Country are not taking any chances.

The suspect was booked for threatening a violent act. Police said the teen admitted to doing it as a joke
"You don’t want to take something like that lightly in case you're wrong and somebody really is having a breakdown or whatever," said parent Vernon Keys. 
Many other schools were also disrupted. In Coweta, Police arrested two students for making threats against the Junior High School. 

"These are felony charges that we're putting on these kids, so at 14 years old you're getting two felony charges on you. That's pretty drastic," said Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell. 
A threat made against Unions 9th-grade center prompted many parents to keep their kids home. 700 students in all.
Tulsa Public Schools investigated a threat made Thursday night against the Central High basketball team. As a precaution, they had a security guard travel with the team.
Tulsa Public Schools were also checking threats against Webster and Memorial.
"When we've had other school shootings around the country and not seen this flurry of activity … we do take them as credible and we deal with all of them that way until we can assure ourselves otherwise," said Tulsa Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist.  
The same social media threat on Instagram mentioned Union and Bixby.

Bixby's Superintendent said the school determined there wasn't a credible threat, but took extra precautions. 

In Nowata, there was no individual threat, but a student made an inappropriate comment regarding a weapon on campus. No weapons were found.
Berryhill Public Schools were on lockdown as well as Muskogee's Alice Robertson Junior High due to social media threats and In Owasso, several threats were alleged against multiple schools. 

The police said no imminent threat was sustained, but each was thoroughly investigated.