TULSA, Oklahoma - There's a movement among some Tulsa residents to boycott a new dollar store opening soon near Pine and Greenwood.

Dollar General said it plans to open the store soon, but it’s facing plenty of opposition from neighbors who say the store is bad for their community.

Greg Robinson is part of the movement called “Grand NOPEning.”

"When something goes against the consent of the people, that's their decision, but it's the people's decision to support that and to vote with our pocketbooks," he said.

The City Council placed a temporary moratorium on dollar stores back in September but the store already had its building permits so they moved forward.

There's a Family Dollar half a mile down the street and a Dollar General just around the corner.

Robinson said the area needs grocery stores, not another dollar store.

"We will support business when it comes here but we are only going to support the businesses that we think value us," Robinson said.

The store sent us a statement saying in part, "Dollar General and our developer have worked cooperatively and transparently with the Tulsa Development Authority and the Tulsa City Council to secure all needed approvals per the city's regulatory processes in order to move forward with construction."

Some residents said they're not rooting for the store's success.

"Quite honestly, what I'm hoping is that this dollar store is the least profitable among the Dollar General stores," said Robinson.