TULSA, Oklahoma - A road rage incident left one Tulsa woman on edge Friday. 

Shocking cell phone video from the encounter is going viral on social media.

Stephanie Ward said she was getting off at 51st and Yale just trying to go to the bank. But she said what was supposed to be a quick errand turned into something else.

Cell phone video captures the moment a driver charged at Stephanie Ward's car, reaching through her window.

He sped off leaving Ward in disbelief.

"I was scared for my life. I was seriously thinking he was going to hurt me. Possibly kill me," she said. 

The incident happened Friday afternoon when Ward said she was on her way to the bank near 51st and Yale.

She was sitting at a red light and saw an opportunity to get over into the left lane, and she said that's where it all started.

"Like, I was halfway in the lane, he started gunning it and then when he got on my butt he was just swerving like road rage style like crazy," said Ward. 

She said she pulled into the bank's parking lot and he followed.
She was about to call her husband but said she decided to take a video.

"When he jumped out, that's when I decided to record instead of calling him, so I was thinking maybe I should have just called him but then I wouldn't have some of that footage," Ward said. 

The footage has now gone viral.

"I think he was at 1,000 on the shares and I don't even know how many views," she said. 

Ward said she hopes someone out there will recognize the man so police can make an arrest.

Ward said she has filed a report with the police department.