MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Students at Bacone College say living in the dorms is the worst part of the entire university.

Students say they're living with mice and bed bugs.

"I can't be paying all this money to live in the dorms, and be living like this," said Bacone Student Selina Lacy.

Lacy lives off-campus now after she says she spent the majority of the fall semester with no air conditioning. 

"It was extremely hot, we had to sleep with the windows open," Lacy said. 

Another student, who wanted to remain anonymous, had what he said are bed bug bites all over his arms from his dorm.

Students sent News On 6 pictures which they say shows mold in the shower, holes in the roof and a dead mouse on the floor.

Former professor Leslie Hannah said he became concerned when students were falling asleep in class, saying they couldn't even sleep because mice would get in their beds.

"I don't want the future of Oklahoma to have to endure such conditions as this," said Hannah. 

Bacone President Franklin Willis said Hannah was fired last month for insubordination and is just a disgruntled former employee trying to make the university look bad.

"He gave his students an assignment to write all the bad things about Bacone college they could think of," said Willis. 

Willis said he knows the dorm has issues.

"Some of our buildings are 80 and 90 years old. That means we have pipes that leak and roofs that leak," Willis said, "we're on 160 acres of fields, so we have field mice that come in, especially when it's cold."

But he said these allegations are being hugely exaggerated.

"They are wildly exaggerated to the extent of total falsehoods about what's going on at Bacone," Willis said. 

Willis said if students report an issue and nothing is done to fix it, he welcomes them to stop by his office anytime.