OCHELATA, Oklahoma - Smoke from grass fires in the Washington and Osage County areas is blanketing downtown Tulsa. Green Country residents are feeling - and smelling - the effects of a long day of grass fires Tuesday.

An exhausted  member of the Ochelata Fire Department told News On 6 they were on the road all day fighting fires west of that town. No structures have been harmed, he said.

He wants the public to know that it's extremely dry and any spark can cause a fire. 

"Fire danger's not going away," said WARN Team Meteorologist Alan Crone. "We'll have southwest winds picking up this afternoon with very low humidity values. Winds will be stronger Thursday and Friday."

Although southwest Kansas is under a Red Flag Warning, fire danger in northeastern Oklahoma is considered "enhanced."

Owasso residents are also noticing the smoke, the Owasso Fire Department posted on their Facebook page: