TULSA, Oklahoma - The four Bixby football players accused of sexually assaulting a teammate are set to be back in Tulsa County courtroom Monday afternoon.

They were supposed to be in court a month ago but the judge decided to push it back until Monday, June 25th.

A preliminary hearing was set for July 24.

The four, Samuel Lakin, Joe Wood, Colten Cable and William Thomas are still free on bond after prosecutors say they sexually assaulted a teammate at a team event.

All four pleaded not guilty to the charges back in March.

Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard is still part of this case.  Attorneys for the four teens asked for him to be removed from the case because Ballard represented the Bixby school board in a civil case years ago and because one of his assistant prosecutors is friends with the victim's mother, but the judge decided not to disqualify him.