TULSA, Oklahoma - Police said a man survived being shot five times in what they believe was an attempted robbery.

Tulsa Police said the victim was leaving his home when he was shot several times. They said he is in critical condition but believe he will survive.

The shooting happened about 5:00 Friday morning outside the man’s home.

Police said he was leaving for work and getting into a van when he was shot.

The attacker fired at least five times.

Dave Walker, Tulsa Police:  "He didn’t cause any of this. Looking at that, we've seen robberies where people are accosted outside their home, or their van or carjacked, for, just money."

Police said they don't have witnesses to the crime, likely because of the hour it happened, just before daylight.

They're hoping when the victim recovers enough to talk he will be able to give them some useful information.