TULSA, Oklahoma - A movie crew wrapped up another night of shooting in downtown Tulsa early Friday.  

The production crew on Thursday called for extras to show up for that shooting.

The movie is called "Run With The Hunted."  It's a crime drama about a young boy who runs away after killing someone to protect a girl.  Years later, the girl sets out to find out what happened to him.

One of the stars is Ron Perlman, known by many fans as "Hellboy," from the popular movie series.

Late Thursday and early Friday, film crews shot several scenes in front of the federal building at 3rd and Boulder.  The movie called for about 50 extras and since the movie is set in 2003, they asked those who they hired to wear clothes that matched that time period.

It appears, Perlman gave some sort of speech, that ended with cheers.  

Former Tulsan John Swab, wrote and is directing "Run With The Hunted."  Production is supposed to last about four weeks.

A release date for the movie hasn't been announced.