TULSA, Oklahoma - Republican Kevin Hern defeated Democrat Tim Gilpin Tuesday to keep the 1st Congressional District in Republican hands.

Hern fills the opening created earlier this year when Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine stepped down to become the head of NASA.

Hern says he hopes to bring more jobs to northeast Oklahoma as well as bring money back to the district to help local businesses grow.

"We want to help people, but i think we also have gone a little too far, and we've created dependency on the federal government. And now that we have the jobs open, over 7 million jobs that are vacant, we need to help those folks lessen that dependency on government," said Kevin Hern.

Hern defeated former Tulsa County DA Tim Harris in a primary runoff earlier this year. 

Gilpin is a Tulsa attorney and former Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General.

"Disappointment would be a fair thing to say, but to be honest you know it's a difficult uphill climb in the First District of Oklahoma. So all I can really say is congratulations Mr. Hern," Tim Gilpin said.

Unofficial totals show Hern received almost 60-percent of the vote to Gilpin's 40-percent.