CLEVELAND, Oklahoma - Cleveland police are now investigating cases of fake $20 dollar bills being used at various stores in town. Investigators say they’ve identified one person with the money, but don't believe he produced it just simply passed it on.

Counterfeit cash is an issue that pops up every so often and when it does, it's typically the small businesses like Dianne's Package Store that are hit the hardest.

"There's jobs. Don't be ripping off people that are trying to work and make a living," said Mel.

For years, Mel worked at the liquor store as a cashier and just a week ago, they received a fake 20 dollar bill. She says when the lines are long, employees are moving fast and spotting a fake is hard.

"You don't ever know who's going to get scammed it's kind of sad, but it's kind of the way it is," said Mel.

Bogus cash is also being reported from this Dollar General and the Tractor Supply Store. Police say employees careful attention to detail is making a difference in getting the fake money off the streets of Cleveland.

"If you are passing these bills there will be consequences that you will face if you are caught with it or trying to pass it," said Cleveland Sgt. Mark Smith.

Officers say its important to remember to check for the watermark. It’s one of the ways to tell real money from fake money. 

“If it’s somewhat of a large expense and somebody doesn’t try to haggle with you be cautious of that, and when you do get the money obviously check the money look at it and make sure it feels real,” said Cleveland Sgt. Mark Smith

No arrests have been made but officers believe the initial transaction was made in Pawnee County.