TULSA, Oklahoma - One of Tulsa's largest sporting events will be held at the fairgrounds this weekend and will soon have a permanent home here too. USA BMX will have the Grands, the championship of the sport.

As things build toward Saturday, the organization continues on the track of building a new headquarters in Tulsa. Tulsa has long hosted the biggest event for BMX racing and in the next year, the organization will move their headquarters from Arizona to Tulsa.

They'll build just north of downtown but for now, the location remains an old industrial site, but that's going to change after the first of the year.

"One, we're super excited to be coming to Tulsa. This has been home to us, the world's largest race, for 21 years.  We're ready to get that going and it's in the design phase right now, so as quick as we can get that going, we're ready," said Rob Gardenhire with USA BMX.

The races start Friday night, the pros race Saturday night. Over 4,000 riders are coming to Tulsa for the event.