Tulsa County investigators say two people are now in custody accused in a Thanksgiving Day murder near Berryhill. One of those suspects will be in court Wednesday.


Bambi Ashley is now in the Tulsa County Jail. Deputies describe her as an associate to the 17-year-old gunman.

Jail records show Ashley will appear in court Wednesday. She's being held without bond on a complaint of "accessory after the fact."


Tulsa County investigators say 17-year-old Brendon Davis shot and killed Staijeck Helm on Thanksgiving morning. Deputies say Helm heard someone breaking into his truck, then came out to confront the suspect, who then shot and killed him.

Ashley's arrest report says Davis came to Ashley after the shooting and she hid his guns and his bicycle. Investigators say they could tell she wasn't telling the whole truth when she first talked with them.

"During that interview, she was misleading, to say the least, on some of the information that she knew or didn't know," said Deputy Justin Green.

Deputies say Ashley was arrested at her home. They're still investigating to figure out if anyone else was involved in the shooting.

Davis is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and second-degree burglary.