TULSA, Oklahoma - A Deputy U.S. Marshal helped track down an Oklahoma felon on the run - all the way in Mexico - using Facebook.

Kaylynn Meyer, 36, pleaded guilty today in federal court to failing to register as a sex offender and traveling internationally.

Meyer is behind bars at the Tulsa County Jail, and it's not her first time in jail or running from police. Court documents show it all started 6 years ago when she let her husband at the time sexually abuse three young children.

Kaylynn Meyer was 30-years-old when you first saw her on News On 6. She was on the run from Pawnee County where she encouraged her ex-husband to sexually abuse young children.

The U.S. Marshals Service caught up with the couple in Nebraska.

"We need to know where people like her are and so we can make sure that they don't continue to commit crimes," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Emily Maddox.

In 2016, Meyer was charged for not registering but never caught. In 2017, another charge in Craig County for failing to register - and child abuse by injury, but she wasn't caught.

That's when the Marshals got involved - again.

Ashley Izbicki: "This took a lot of manpower to finally be able to track her down."
Deputy U.S. Marshal Emily Maddox: "I'm very proud of my agency. So many people worked very hard on this case."

A case cracked through Facebook.

Deputy Marshals say she used an account listed as 'John White' - and posted on her mom's page. They got a Facebook search warrant and traced The IP address to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Documents in messages linked them to an address, and they used satellite images to confirm an odd-shaped pool seen in pictures posted on her page.

"I think she was more surprised. I think when a person flees to a foreign country, they kind of assume that they're safe there, that we're not going to come look for them there," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Emily Maddox.

But they did, arresting her 1,500 miles away.

"I feel good. This is definitely one of those cases where you feel like it matters," she said.

"We're not going to stop looking for you. So even if you flee the country, we'll keep looking for you and we'll find you."

Sentencing for the federal charges is set for March. Meyer still has open cases in Pawnee and Craig County.