TULSA, Oklahoma - A Boeing 737 carrying the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team made an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport early Saturday morning after passengers smelled burning plastic.

The plane, carrying the players, team officials, and some media, was on a red eye flight from Anaheim, California to Raleigh, North Carolina after a game. When passengers reported smelling burning plastic, the plane made an emergency landing in Tulsa around 4 a.m.

Passengers were told a circuit board had fried and that the pilots had lost some of their instrumentation. The plane was on the ground for less than two hours while crews replaced the circuit board. They refueled and continued their flight, arriving in Raleigh a little over two hours late.  

Mike Sundheim, the teams Vice President of Communications, thanked the crew at Tulsa for making them feel comfortable and taking care of them. "They were great to us," he said. 

No one was injured in the incident.