TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police confirm a Walgreens clerk was the only one to fire shots during an argument inside the 71st and Lewis store.

The clerk shot and killed William Hurley and injured two others. The store section of the Walgreens remains closed as police continue their investigation.

Tulsa Police have identified 52-year-old William Hurley as the man shot and killed by the clerk. Police said Hurley, who also goes by the name Lance Cleveland, pulled a gun on the clerk during an argument over some photographs Wednesday.

Investigators said the clerk who had a concealed carry license shot Hurley but also hit two bystanders, who are expected to survive. Police confirm the clerk was the only one to fire shots but was not arrested as they continue to investigate and talk to witnesses.

"I turned to my right and I saw the man on the ground, on the floor," said witness Cheryl Edwards.

News On 6 has also learned Hurley is a convicted felon. Online records show he's been in and out of prison since the early 90s for drugs, bogus checks, and fraud. Because of that, Hurley was not allowed to have a gun.

Walgreens hasn't commented but said they are cooperating with police throughout the investigation.

Police have not released the name of the Walgreens clerk or the two other people shot.