TULSA - Thousands of shoppers across Green Country are racing to the stores to pick up last minute Christmas items.

Nothing says last minute Christmas shopping like long lines and large crowds.

Tulsa Malls and shopping centers are filled with shoppers trying to find those last minute gifts.

Even though there is a lot of chaos at shopping centers, some people are avoiding the last minute shopping experience all together.

"I had my Christmas shopping finished in August," said Shopper, Marion Baker.

I don't like shopping. I really don't. But I have to do it," said Shopper, Justin Thompson.

"Don't go to Walmart. Everyone is doing their last minute food shopping. Like that is chaos. I am glad I am done," said Baker.

Tulsa's Woodland Hills Mall is even extending their hours leading up to Christmas to give shoppers extra time.

The Mall closes at 10 p.m. Sunday and will be open again from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. 

"I personally am the last minute guy. Like I am the one that is there on Christmas Eve trying to fnd the last gift," said Thompson. 

Some people say they don't need the extra shopping hours.

Baker has a different strategy to avoid the struggle of picking out gifts.

"I have 10 grandkids, and instead of trying to figure out what toys they like and everything I got them all shirts," said Baker.