MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Muskogee Police are responding to a video that's been circulating online, showing officers pepper spraying an Army veteran at Walmart.

In a Facebook video, you can see the moment when Muskogee Police forced Army veteran Jason Williams out of his wheelchair. Police said in a statement they were called to the Muskogee Walmart when Williams refused to show his I.D. when he tried to buy alcohol.

Officers said he'd become "hostile" and "created a disturbance" by cussing at employees. The statement continues, saying when police got there, Williams still refused to identify himself, even after he was told he'd be arrested for obstruction if he didn't cooperate.

Police said he began resisting and even hit an officer. Officers told Williams he'd be pepper-sprayed and said when Williams continued to resist, they sprayed him.

Investigators said EMS was called and Williams was taken to the hospital.