TULSA, Oklahoma - One person is dead after an hour-long standoff in Tulsa near East Admiral and North Louisville.

U.S. Marshals were serving a warrant for a suspect wanted for domestic violence when things took a turn.

News On 6 spoke with people who live in the area near the scene where U.S. Marshals shot and killed a domestic violence suspect. The Marshals along with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office were serving a warrant for domestic violence by strangulation. 

People who live in that neighborhood told News On 6, it's mostly quiet and but say they were surprised to see so many Law Enforcement Officers.

"Nothing that really happens around here that's why I'm surprised," said Ebony Peralta who lives in the area.

Ebony Peralta said her neighborhood is usually pretty quiet and safe.

"That's why it's unusual we always have kids running up and down the street you know and they just do their thing," said Ebony Peralta who lives in the area.

But quiet, quickly changed to some tense moments as Tulsa County Deputies and Deputy U.S. Marshals served a felony warrant on a home. Two Deputy U.S. Marshal's fired their weapons and killed the suspect. Neighbor Destiny Peralta said a Police presence in the neighborhood isn’t too usual.

"Whenever it happens here we usually just stay inside and wait for it to go away," said Destiny Peralta who lives in the area.

"It has its good days and it's bad days we've had more than our fair share of police visits around the neighborhood," said Peralta.

While everyone News On 6 spoke with said what's most important during these types of situations is making sure their kids are safe. 

"My kids mean the world to me I get stupid about mine that's why I'm like surprised cause nothing really goes on around here," Ebony Peralta.

This is the first deadly shooting that U.S. Marshals of the Northern District of Oklahoma have been involved with this year.