OWASSO, Oklahoma - Geese are a problem on any golf course. They make noise, they damage the greens, but mostly it's what they leave behind.

Bailey Golf Ranch in Owasso has come up with a solution, coyotes. Actually, they are not real, but plenty of people thought they were. Enough to cause a big stir on social media.

Chris Cook, the course superintendent, says folks were warning people to keep their pets inside. Driving along 86th Street North, they sure looked real from a distance. Cook says he has seven of them and they are posable.

“You can take the legs off so it can prowl; you can take the back legs off so it's sitting on its haunches so we have options to create that realism that allows us to be effective," said Cook.


They move the coyotes every day to a different place, so the geese don’t get too used to them.

The problem, he says, is geese damage the greens, and the greens are the crown jewels of any golf course. They pick at the grass and leave the greens pockmarked, which is not good for putting. Most of all, it’s all the poop, it takes time to clean it up.

For now, the fake coyotes are effective. The geese stay where they belong, and the golfers have the greens to themselves.