TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa Housing Authority created a unique partnership with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to provide more safety in its housing complexes.

The Community Enhancement Unit was created in September 2018, and by January 11th, 2019, 167 arrests were made. Nearly 90 percent of those arrested THA officials say were folks who don’t live or stay in their communities.

“These were people visiting or had been previously banned from the property,” VP of Affordable Housing, Arthur Waller explains.

“The feedback we have received so far has been great. Those residents who have engaged with the CEU unit have found them to be very open and approachable and genuinely concerned about their well-being," he said.

"Just being able to see them on site on the property, just their visibility has increased the feeling of safety and security and knowing that someone is watching over them and working with them to protect them and their families.”

The goal is to take a step in the right direction in making residences safer and more secure across the city.

"A lot of these places, they have great residents - they're good people, they’re hard working," said Tulsa County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Gullett.

"Unfortunately, you have a small criminal element that likes to prey upon them, and we’re taking a proactive approach to it and trying to remove the criminal element so the people here can thrive.

“A lot of it is just stopping and saying hi to someone asking them how their day’s going," he said. "When it comes to making contact with kids you know, showing them a friendly side of law enforcement. We hand out candy to them, talk, play sports with them.”

The THA is hopeful that this partnership will serve as a model for other cities all around the country.