TULSA, Oklahoma - A midtown Tulsa family is on edge after police say someone kicked in their backdoor and stole a purse - all while they were inside their home. News On 6 talked with an expert about how to protect yourself and your family if this were to happen to you.

Joe Hahn is a former Navy SEAL. He's an expert and trains people how to protect and defend themselves. He says the first order of business is to always have a plan.

"Ever since that, I've been on edge, so a little sound would come and I would jump straight up and look around,” said Marquis who was 14 years old when he says two people broke into his home.

"I worry about it a lot when I'm home alone,” said Connor. He was 10 years old when he saw a man bang on the back door with a knife.

News On 6’s Lori Fullbright talked with both of them back in 2016.

In both instances, the kids called 911, and the suspects were scared away. Flash forward to Thursday night. Tulsa Police say people broke into a home near 26th and Peoria thru a back door.

The family did not want to be identified but told News On 6 in part, it was a "Really terrifying 6.5 minutes. They were in our apartment off the garage and in both our cars."

The family said although it was scary, they had a plan in place to protect themselves. Former Navy Seal Joseph Hahn said that's exactly what everyone should do.

"You want it to be second nature, second thought - so not only do you want to plan and rehearse it, but you want to do it frequently," said Joseph Hahn, owner of Integrated Tactical Training.

He said you should also establish a safe area.

"In your closet, in the corner of a room - out of the line of sight of the doorway," he said.

He said you can take precautions by reinforcing doors, buying locks, anti shatter window film and cameras. And if someone does enter your home make yourself known and call police.

"Announcing yourself saying, 'hey I know there's somebody in the house - you need to get out, I've already called the Cops,' but have that plan," Hahn said.

Hahn said know what tools you have to defend yourself, but don’t try to confront the intruder because you never know how he or she is capable of.