WILBURTON, Oklahoma - A toddler from Oklahoma is demonstrating amazing skill in riding a hoverboard.

Lincoln Swindle is 18 months old and lives in Wilburton. His grandmother, Brandy Hicks-Delozier, shared video of him riding his hoverboard with 6 In The Morning anchor LeAnne Taylor.

"He is fearless and very athletic for his age. About a month ago he just jumped on his sister Khloie’s hoverboard and took off & has been riding it since," she said.


One of the videos she posted on Facebook has been viewed more than 24,000,000 times.

"I’m a very proud MiMi of this lil guy," she said. 

The videos show him picking up toys and even playing basketball, all while casually riding the hoverboard as if it were an extension of his feet.