TULSA, Oklahoma - Thieves are taking aim as racing fans who are descending on the Chili Bowl at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds.

One victim showed News On 6 the damage after a Chili Bowl race earlier this week.

The parking lot at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds near 21st and Yale has been packed this week, with thousands of people in town for the Chili Bowl.

One man found his truck's passenger side window busted out when he got back to it after attending the races Wednesday night.

The victim says he came to Tulsa from out of town and hadn't checked into his hotel yet, so he left his bag in the truck. And because weapons aren't allowed inside the Expo Square, the victim says he left two pistols in the truck.

The thieves took the bag, guns and a pair of binoculars.

The victim filed a police report and says unfortunately there weren't in security cameras in the area where he parked on the north side of the Expo Inn.

Police didn't say if they've seen an increase in car break-ins at the fair grounds, but an officer told News On 6, thieves will target parking lots during events like the Chili Bowl hoping they'll find guns or electronics in cars.

The officer says this is an unfortunate reminder not leave valuables in your car or truck, even if the doors are locked.

The victim says he comes to Tulsa every year for the Chili Bowl and tells me what happened this week is not going to change that.

The victim hopes by sharing what happen to him, others will think twice about leaving anything, valuable or not, in their vehicle.