TULSA, Oklahoma - All this week you will see crews hard at work at almost every corner of Downtown Tulsa installing 175 new parking meters.

The new solar-powered meters come with a lot of payment options and aim to fix what many have called a "fragmented" parking system in Downtown Tulsa.


"This is a very similar style to those put in the Arts District last year and these are the new meters all through Downtown Tulsa," said Brian Kurtz.

The machines can be run through an app on your smartphone but also by credit cards and coins. They are going in quickly replacing all those outdated meters people had to deal with. Some of the single space models were more than 30 years old while others like those in the deco district were beyond proper maintenance.

"Operators ran out of pieces to fix and maintain them and the only way was to put in credit card systems that didn’t work so they were only operable by coins," said Kurtz.

As part of Mayor GT Bynum's executive order to get these meters up and running, the fees will go back into maintaining them.

"For a long time to ensure the meters are working and user-friendly for anyone that wants to come shop at our various retailers and eat at our many restaurants," said Kurtz. "I would say we have already seen an increase in lunchtime activity here because people know they will find a place to park now."

The new meters should all be installed in the next couple weeks.