CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Creek County judge ruled on Wednesday that a judge in Okmulgee County will be allowed to hear the case against Amy Hall.           

Hall is the Beggs mom accused of shooting three of her children while they were sleeping, killing two of them.

Hall's attorney said in court that Okmulgee County Judge Pandee Ramirez knows too much information about another case to be fair to his client.

That other case involves the care of Hall's surviving daughter, Nikole.         

Deputies said Hall also shot Nikole when she killed her son Kayson and daughter Kloee, but Nikole lived.             

The case involving Nikole was dismissed this morning, and she was placed with her father.              

Okmulgee County District Attorney Carol Iski said Judge Ramirez never even heard testimony in that case, so there's no reason to believe she'd be biased in any way.

"She is a true professional," Iski said. "She's going to do what's required of her, she's going to give Amy Hall a fair hearing, and she's going to follow the law."

Ultimately, the judge in Creek County agreed and denied the request for a new judge.

Halls' next court appearance will go on as scheduled in Judge Ramirez's courtroom.