TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - With lots of new road construction projects happening now, police are reminding drivers that a "zipper merge" is the best way to get in - and through a construction zone.  Officers say too many drivers race ahead or almost stop to wait for an opening.

Drivers in Bixby have one merge lane ahead on Memorial where a lengthy bridge repair project just started.

One driver told us he believes when other drivers see orange barrels, "They're in a hurry to get ahead of me and it causes wrecks."

As drivers approached the bridge in Bixby, some drivers were speeding ahead to cut over while some cautiously tried to make it in - but there wasn't much smooth merging.

"The other day I got cut off up here, this one guy swerved into my lane, and backed back out and I thought alright, that was a little much for me, I'm not really having it" said another driver.

Even when police see bad behavior at a merge point the congestion makes it hard for them to pull someone over.  So, they're asking for courtesy and caution in spots where drivers are forced to share the road.

"The object is to merge at the merge point, where the sign is that says merge now, not a half mile or mile back, even though you know it's coming," said Enzbrenner.  "If everyone is courteous and they move in and out 1 or 2 cars, it's a lot smoother."