TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A suspected child rapist is behind bars after being on the run for days.

The Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task captured Ambrose Martinez a few hours ago at a home in Barnsdall. Police say Ambrose Martinez is accused of getting a 12 year old pregnant. They say she just turned 13 and gave birth to a baby boy. They say the suspect is someone the girl knew and trusted.

The Tulsa County DA charged Martinez with rape, child sexual abuse, and manufacturing child pornography. Tulsa police began investigating after the girl, her mother, and Martinez went on a trip to South Dakota and on the way home, the girl went into labor in Nebraska.

Police say Martinez dropped her off a clinic, using a false name, saying she was 16. A family member says the birth was kept secret from the girl's mother. The baby was born premature and weighed only four pounds so was hospitalized before being brought back to Oklahoma with the teenager.

Police say the girl told them she believes she's in a relationship with Martinez and the sex was consensual. Police say the girl's mother denied knowing the girl was pregnant.

In 2010, we were there when a manhunt for Martinez came to an end. While trying to get avoid arrest, he fell off a bridge and into the Verdigris where he was taken into custody.

He had been the subject of an amber alert at the time suspected of kidnapping his daughter. He was convicted of assault and battery in 2010, sentenced to 10 years, served three years and was released in 2015.

Police say the girl told them she allowed Martinez to take nude photos and videos of her. Detectives say the teenager and baby are both with a local foster family and doing well.

This is an arrest/charges, not a conviction.