TULSA, Oklahoma - A father is outraged after his 13-year-old daughter gave birth to a baby boy and the suspect is a convicted sex offender.

Scott says he did everything to protect his daughter, but, Oklahoma's laws failed him and her. We're hiding Scott's identity in order to protect his daughter's privacy and even though the girl's mother is charged in the case, we're not identifying her either, so we can protect the girl, who now lives out of state.

Scott says within 24 hours of learning his ex-wife was with a man who's a convicted sex offender, Scott asked an Oklahoma judge for custody of his then 10-year-old daughter. He says the judge wasn't allowed to make a decision based on something that might happen.

Scott says, “What's frustrating is I sought his professional advice in making sure my kids were safe and it appears in the state of Oklahoma that you can't do anything pre-emptively. They have to wait until something happens. It's ludicrous."

That was 2014 and Scott was active military, traveling a lot, including overseas. Police say in May of 2017, the girl told a friend the convicted sex offender was having sex with her, starting when she was 10.

DHS investigated.

An affidavit says the girl got scared and told them nothing happened, so DHS took no action. Six months later, she was pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to a baby boy. She's just turned 13. Police say DNA shows the father is that convicted sex offender, Kevin Norvell, who's now charged with child rape.

Scott says, “The system had chances to have prevented this and protect her but, there were multiple failures along the way."

He says all this could've been prevented and believes Oklahoma laws must be changed to protect children who are put in the presence of sex offenders. He says the whole situation is beyond devastating.

Scott says he now has temporary custody of his daughter and is getting her help and the baby was placed for adoption. Norvell has been ordered to stand trial in Tulsa County on his charges. The girl's mother is charged with child neglect.

DHS says they can’t talk about this case specifically, but, “it’s difficult if not impossible to substantiate abuse if the victim doesn’t cooperate and there’s no other evidence because abuse is done privately, behind closed doors and often not seen by others and hard to prove.”