VIAN, Oklahoma - A pair of bald eagles is incubating two eggs on a nest in the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge.

The female laid the first egg on January 2, 2019. She laid the second on January 6.

Thanks to a camera installed above the nest by the Sutton Avian Research Center, the whole world can watch the process over the internet.

Bald eagle eggs take about 35 days to hatch, so the first eaglet should appear in about a week. 

The Sutton Center has had a camera on this particular nest for years, but last summer it installed a new camera that has infrared capability, meaning the nest and the eagles are visible during the night.

The nighttime video shows how one eagle hunkers down on the eggs while the other perches on a limb nearby. The eagles take turns incubating the eggs so it's not easy to tell whether the female or the male is on the nest. 

Watch the live feed here