TULSA, Oklahoma - Police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers responded to numerous crashes around northeast Oklahoma Wednesday morning.

The wrecks included one at 46th Street North and 145th East Avenue that involved two vehicles as well as one on I-244 in the eastbound lanes near Memorial and one in the southbound lanes of Highway 169 near 51st Street. 

Tulsa Police activated Operation Slick Streets, which means they were only responding to injury crashes.

Temperatures hovered right at the freezing mark in the Tulsa metro area, while they slid below 32 degrees to the northwest of Tulsa. 

Troopers closed both lanes of Highway 270 just east of Wilburton in Latimer County at about 7:30 while tow trucks tried to remove a tanker semi of the ditch.

A wreck in the westbound lanes of the Broken Arrow Expressway just east of Highway 169 slowed traffic.