TULSA, Oklahoma - Frightening moments for a Tulsa family after a man tried to break into a woman's car while she and her child were inside.

Bobby Prouty is a convicted felon. Court documents show that Prouty has been arrested for numerous other crimes. We are told that he got out of prison just six days ago.

The arrest and booking report says that Prouty first assaulted someone at a nearby store before coming to the area near Utica and South Victor.

A woman tells News On 6 a man who police arrested and identified as Bobby Prouty tried to break into her SUV while she and her baby were in the vehicle outside her parents' home.

She said he first tried banging on the driver's door before moving to the passenger door where her 1-year-old baby was.

She said she started screaming and honking her horn until her dad came outside and the man left.

Prouty was arrested just down the road. She's speaking out with the hopes that other people will speak up and call police so something like this doesn't happen again to other people.

"I just want everybody that has been a victim of this to speak up," said Briza Turrubiartes.

"I completely understand that it's hard to talk about - cause they are scared that they are going to come back after them. I say it doesn't matter. I'd rather get justice done for what was wrong."

The suspect was arrested by Tulsa Police and is in jail Thursday night on complaints of assault and battery, burglary and public intoxication.