FOYIL, Oklahoma - A Rogers County family is looking for a new place to live after losing their home and two dogs in a fire.

Derrick James he is just thankful he was able to get his girlfriend and four-year-old daughter out of the house before this fire destroyed everything they owned.

This is all that is left of James' home after he woke in the middle of the night to the house in flames.

"Kind of smelt it when we woke up and then we opened the bedroom door and smoke just rolled in, couldn't see anything, could breathe. Tried to find the front door," James said.

The Foyil Fire Department tells said they got called out to the house just after 1:30 a.m. Firefighters said they believe it was an electrical fire that started in the living room.

"Had to help my girlfriend get out, had to get my four year old daughter out. Tried to get my dogs out but they stayed inside," James said. 

James said he did all he could to get the dogs out but it was too late.

"I tried to go back in and get them but they weren't coming to me and I couldn't get back inside the house because of all the smoke and they were just hiding up under the bed," James said. 

James said looking back on it now, he's just thankful.

He said he has no idea what made his girlfriend decide to wake up in the middle of the night, but it saved their lives.

"I'm pretty thankful. I'm glad my girlfriend woke up when she did. There wasn't a fire alarm in the house and there should have been. So how she woke up I don't even know," James said. 

James said as tough as the situation is he is just trying to stay positive.

"Total loss. Lost everything. Found a truck key so I have my truck but that's it," said James.  

The family said friends and family members have reached out to help and offer clothes.