TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - The nearly decade-long first-degree manslaughter case against Steven Wade Jameson is about to start back at square one.

Jameson initially pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and when that plea was thrown out, his attorney argued the statute of limitations had expired.

A Tulsa County judge ruled the statute of limitations has not expired, which means Jameson could stand trial for the 2009 car crash that killed three people.

The statute of limitations for first-degree manslaughter is three years. Jameson's attorney Clark Brewster argued that time's up, since the crime he's accused of committing happened nearly a decade ago. Prosecutors disagreed, and so did the victims' family members.

"Angela, Michael, and James, our children, are all dead," Linda Perkins said. "This is not about Mr. Jameson's rights and fairness for Mr. Jameson."

The judge agreed with prosecutors, saying the statute of limitations was effectively put on "pause" when Jameson pleaded guilty in 2011. The judge ruled prosecutors can pursue manslaughter charges against Jameson once again.

"This has gone on for a long, long time," Linda said. "We're ready for justice to finally be decided, and the person held accountable who was the cause of their deaths."

Jim and Linda Perkins drive 300 miles to be at every single hearing, continuing to seek justice for their daughter Angela Mulanax, her husband and their son, James.

The three died in a head-on crash with Jameson on Christmas Eve 2009.

"We are their voice," Linda said. "They can't speak for themselves."

Jim said he wouldn't be surprised to see Jameson plead guilty again this time around.

"When his attorney runs out of options and they see he's going to be found guilty, I believe he'll change his plea again to guilty," Jim said.

Regardless, they're ready to get the process going.

"The name of the game for him and his lawyer is delay, delay, delay," Jim said. "The arguments are over. It's time for justice."

Jameson's attorney Clark Brewster said he's disappointed with the judge's ruling, saying today's new development is an "act of desperation" to convict his client.

He said he considers prosecutor's efforts to be "an embarrassment for our district," but said he's confident he and his client will come out on top.

The judge could decide next week if Jameson will stand trial.