OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Moku is a company which produces wearable art from local Oklahoma woods and also from Hawaiian eucalyptus.

Jimmy Gramblin and Jake Purdum are graphic designers, and a few years ago Jimmy had moved his family to Hawaii. A tropical storm knocked down hundreds of ancient eucalyptus trees, and rather than let the wood rot in the forest Gramblin acquired some of it thinking something could be made from it.

He brought some back, and he and Purdum began creating wearable art.

“We didn’t want to create products for the sake of creating products; we wanted to create art you could wear, “Gramblin said.

For four years they have been designing and making wearable art from both native Oklahoma wood and that salvaged eucalyptus from Hawaii.

They make bookmarks, earrings, tie bars, cuff links, you name it they’ve made it. They have a website with lots of designs available. You can find them at www.shopmoku.com