TULSA, Oklahoma - Oklahomans could soon be allowed to carry handguns without a permit or the training the permit required. The proposed change in the law moved through a State Senate Committee on Wednesday. It’s already passed the House, and Governor Stitt has said he would sign it.

Some firearms instructors believe without the requirement for training, many people won’t get the basic safety instruction required for responsible gun ownership.  

“It's going to show you the things you need to know about the use of force laws in Oklahoma. It's going to give you information about where you can and cannot lawfully carry your firearm" says Eric Fuson, an accomplished shooter, and co-owner of 2A Shooting Center.

He's a  strong advocate of training even if the law doesn't require it. Fuson has several classrooms that have been filled before, with 5 or 6 concealed carry classes a month. Last year, as the "constitutional carry" law was being seriously considered, the demand suddenly changed. "It dropped off dramatically," he says.

This year, the bill is advancing through the legislature and the new Governor has promised to sign it. The measure allows almost anyone over 21 to carry a firearm without a permit. 15 other states have a similar law but the others still require a license.

Fuson encourages gun owners to train regardless of the requirements and notes that anyone wanting to travel out of state with their handgun would want a license for states that require one.

He said the existing requirements for the permit aren't enough for people who expect to actually carry their firearm. "There was really no training about how to shoot your firearm. There were basic safety rules, you fire 50 rounds for familiarization, but there's no qualification. You don't even have to hit your target to get your concealed carry license."

He recommends gun owners get the permit to protect themselves, and advanced training to be competent using a firearm.