OWASSO, Oklahoma - The City of Owasso just released results from a three-month survey of more than a thousand residents. The survey is giving city leaders new insight.

"There was a lot of open questions to let them fill in the blank," said Karl Fritschen, the planning manager for the city.

Fritschen said more than 1,000 Owassons filled out the survey online between October and December. Some of the results were expected, others were not.

"Roads obviously number one, safe neighborhoods was number two, but bicycle trails, sidewalks and pedestrian trails in general in third in terms of priority," he said.

The city says they've known roads have been a priority for a while and this summer will begin construction on widening 76th Street North. And as part of that, they'll also include lanes for bicycles, something that came up frequently in the survey.

"The city has kind of listened to that over the years," said Fritschen. "This survey kind of confirmed a lot of that."

Fritschen said new streets will include wider sidewalks and bike lanes.

Jon Ray is a manager at 360 Sports Bike Shop in Owasso and said he and his customers are looking forward to it because the infrastructure is lacking right now.

"It means a lot," said Ray. "It means that the city is willing to look in the direction of recreation, into fitness, into lifestyle, it's more than just going out there and riding, it's a lifestyle for a lot of people."

And the city said they'll be analyzing the survey further to see what else they can do to make Owasso a good place to live.