TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa Police Department is working to cut down on the number of car burglaries within the IDL downtown.

According to Corporal Brandon Davis, numbers for 2019 are already lower than they were this time last year but a recent arrest is concerning.

On Monday, Britt Sund was arrested near the BOK after officers say he broke into a car and stole tools and a gun.

“It’s a non-violent property crime. I don’t think society views it, or everyone in society views it as a huge problem cuz it’s property. We don’t look at it that way crime is a crime to us, especially felony crime,” Davis said.

A man working in an office building noticed Sund and another person walk into a parking garage empty handed and leave with a large bag. Davis said they were nearby and on the scene within a minute of the call.

Davis says without the tip they might never have been able to make an arrest for the car burglary – crediting the person in the office building for alerting them to what he saw especially because a firearm was taken.

“Sometimes the weapons are stolen just so they can sell it and make money off of it. Sometimes they steal ‘em so they can go out and commit crimes and it won’t come back to them.”

Tulsa Police say downtown parking garages, near the BOK and Cain’s Ballroom, is where they get the most calls of car burglaries. Two cars had their windows broken out during the recent Kelly Clarkson concert at the BOK with purses stolen in each case and when it comes to guns make sure they’re secure.

“People have to decide, I know I’m going to an event that doesn’t allow firearms do I really want to leave it in the car or do I leave it at home?” Davis added.

While it’s not illegal to keep a gun in your vehicle if you have a concealed carry permit you don’t want it getting into the wrong hands. Davis says if you have it hidden or in a secure lockbox that is under or behind a seat, it’s unlikely that someone is going to break out your window in search of valuables or your firearm.