TULSA, Oklahoma - A reunion took place at Tulsa Fire Department's Station 23 about 24 hours after firefighters rescued a cat named Snickers - not once but twice. The cat hitched a ride into Tulsa more than 100 miles hiding in an engine compartment of a stranger's car.

The cats name is Snickers, and it's safe to say - she has eight lives left after a long journey to Tulsa.

The Rother family loves their cat Snickers.

"Made me sad that she was gone for a couple days," said Jake Rother.

"We said just keep praying, you know, we'll figure out what will happen to her," said Melissa Rother.

But what they didn't know was that Snickers had hitched a ride inside a car's engine compartment for the more than 130 mile drive from Mustang to Tulsa.

Tulsa firefighters found Snickers when they got the unusual call to rescue the furry feline from the car.

"She stayed here at the fire station last night, and she went home with me this morning," said Aubrey Emerson, a Tulsa firefighter.

"She stayed in our laundry room, and I was trying to figure out what we were gonna do."

But it wasn't until Melissa Rother says a friend saw the story on our sister station News 9 about Snickers and sent a screen shot to her that they knew where Snickers was.

"Hey, is this your cat, and I was like 'yes, oh my gosh that's her,'" said Melissa Rother.

But that didn't stop Snickers from getting into more trouble just a few minutes before Rother and her son got to Tulsa. Firefighters had to rescue Snickers a second time after she found her way into a compartment under a fire truck.

"Covered in grease cause we were crawling up in the engine trying to get her out of here again," said Emerson.

After traveling more than 100 miles, getting stuck inside two different vehicles,  Snickers was back with her family just minutes before those firefighters were called out.

"I know that if it was my cat I'd want someone to do everything they could," said Emerson.

“I know they have big hearts and kept her safe," said owner Melissa Rother.