Monday is the deadline for state lawmakers to present their school funding plan, but they aren't expected to meet it.

In fact, they've only met it twice before. 

Oklahoma Education Association President Alicia Priest says she knows lawmakers won't have the education budget ready by today's deadline, but she says is grateful for "positive movement."

The OEA is asking people to wear red in support of teachers and they have activities planned for each day this week. 

They are calling today "March Madness" and are encouraging supporters to "march" down their main streets to spread awareness. 

The OEA says they need an additional $400 million, but lawmakers say that isn't going to happen right now.

Senator Roger Thompson says "Not this year; I think you're going to see a significant increase in education this year. The senate, we want to put it in our classrooms." 

It's almost been a year since the statewide teacher walkout.

Although the OEA says another walkout isn't off the table, they say it isn't their goal.