TULSA, Oklahoma - A hit-and-run victim told his story to News On 6 a little more than a week after he was hit while riding his bicycle in the early morning hours near 21st and Sheridan last Tuesday.

Tulsa Police are still looking for the driver who is responsible.

Wylan Machutta is that cyclist. And although he's pretty banged up, he just wants to know who hit him and why, as Tulsa Police continue to investigate the case.

Machutta was in the hospital just minutes after he was hit on his bike.

Tulsa Police said a vehicle hit him and then took off. Machutta said the only thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital.

"That's all I remember - everything went blank," said Machutta.

The avid biker told News On 6, he was riding to work from Tulsa to Sand Springs. He said he was just a few blocks from home when he was hit.

He said he has lights on the front and on the back of his bike and is always aware of his surroundings.

"I'm always watching everything because you'll never know who's going to hit you," said Machutta.

Machutta was in the hospital for about a week. He said because of the crash he lost a kidney, had to get part of his head sewn back together, has several broken bones and internal bleeding. He also said he has no insurance to cover the thousands of dollars of medical bills.

"I had a good job, but I am worried that it's no longer going to be there," he said.

At the time of the crash Police say two other drivers found Machutta lying in the middle of the road and couldn't find any witnesses. Machutta said while he'd forgive whoever hit him, he just wants to know why.

"I would like for them too explain why they did it, what was the reasoning why didn't they stop," said Machutta.

He also hopes the driver knows the serious damage they caused.

"They are able to watch this footage and they are able to go back and fourth to work not knowing that they just caused somebody that don't got insurance to lose everything," he said.

If you were in the area of 21st and Sheridan last Tuesday in the early morning hours and saw this hit and run, Tulsa Police would like to hear from you.