TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman is sharing her story after she came home to find two armed men inside her home.

The burglar later led police on a chase which ended in a crash.

The victim didn't want to go on camera, but said she was only gone for 20 minutes to drop off her dog at the groomer's. She said when she came home, the men held her at gunpoint.

Video showed one of the men knock on that victim's door. When they realize she isn't home, they go inside the home near 66th and New Haven.

She said the men took thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry and other items including documents and a Kindle.

She said the men used her laundry hamper to carry everything away.

The woman said she came home to find the men in her bathroom. She said one of them pointed a gun at her.

She said she hid in her hallway, but the men had trouble opening the door to leave.

The video shows them walking away with the gun still in hand.

That woman said she called police and was able to give them a good description. Police spotted their car a little bit later near 96th and Delaware, and that's when the chase began.

"They committed a violent crime. This isn't just, 'hey, I stole your purse off your counter.' They actually forced their way into somebody's home, and they held somebody hostage," said Lt. Billy White, Tulsa police.

After a brief chase the two men crashed into a SUV near 84th and Sheridan.

The suspects and driver of that SUV were taken to a hospital, but all are expected to survive.

That woman said she was extremely shaken up by the whole experience but has gotten a lot of her jewelry back.

She said she's grateful to be alive.