BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Jury selection is ongoing for a Broken Arrow man charged with killing his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend in 2018.

"I'm anxious to see it through,” said Lauren Kidd’s Mom, Christa. “He wanted a jury trial, now he's got one."

Broken Arrow police said Lauren Kidd disappeared in October.  Konner Brunner was arrested on a first-degree murder complaint shortly afterward.

Brunner admitted to shooting and killing Kidd and putting her body in a recycling bin near 51st Street and 145th East Avenue, according to court records.

Police said they found blood on the passenger seat of his car and said Brunner even bought cleaning supplies to try to cover up the crime.

Detectives said Brunner admitted to putting Kidd's body in a recycling bin, which ended up in a paper mill in McCurtin County.

Police searched the papermill and said they found evidence that matched blood found in the car and in the recycling bin.

Brunner admitted to detectives to shooting Kidd but said his gun went off accidentally while she was in the car.

At a preliminary hearing, Brunner’s attorney argued there is not enough evidence to prove Lauren is dead since her body Hasn't been found.

The judge decided there was enough evidence for Brunner to stand trial.

Lauren's family said they are relieved the jury trial is finally getting underway and hope to finally get justice for their daughter

"This is the ending of Konner’s story, of what he's done and that’s where I am right now,” said Christa. “Just knowing that he is now at the time where he is going to be facing the truth of what he’s done and that the judge will give him the crime that’s appropriate."

Christa said it's difficult to know if she will ever have closure since Lauren's body still hasn't been found but says she's thankful for the answers she does have.

"She was so caring, and her friends miss her so much and Addison did not deserve to grow up without a mom,” said Christa.

Lauren Kidd's Mom, Christa, started working at “A New Leaf” four months after Lauren’s death.

A New Leaf is a business that provides jobs for people with developmental disabilities.

She said interacting with the employees there has helped her to move forward.