Thousands of new, part time jobs are headed to Green Country thanks to the 2020 Census.

Census leaders said they're looking to hire about 3,700 jobs throughout Green Country and the starting pay is about $15.50 an hour.

It comes as our country is preparing for the 2020 census, which will help determine how $675 billion of federal funds are distributed.

It will also determine representation in Congress based on the population in states.

Census day is on April 1st, but partnership coordinator Emily Kelley said, they're looking to fill the jobs right now, and will work through July.

Most of those jobs will be enumeration work, meaning workers who go door to door counting people who do not self-respond to the census.

Kelley said the job is flexible and you can work as little as 10 hours a week up to 40 hours a week and do so in your own town.

"We're recruiting people to work where they live. Because if you think about it. If someone that you recognize from your neighborhood that you may run into at the grocery store or the coffee shop comes to your door to ask you to respond to the census, you may respond a little better to that person,” said Kelley.

You must be 18 to apply.