SKIATOOK, Oklahoma - A Skiatook father is asking for help finding his son who is a disabled military veteran no one has heard from since the fall.

Police said the last place they can pinpoint Michael Newman’s location is in the 41st and Yale area.

"Mike, if you can hear this, we do love you, you know that," said Michael Newman’s dad Terry Newman.

Terry Newman has spent months searching for his son.

“You are constantly out there. You are constantly searching," said Terry Newman, "It is really rough because everything that you can imagine, you are thinking. This is not his character. He has never been gone this long."

Skiatook Police Sgt. Jerry Bullard said Michael's family filed a missing person’s report in November. Since then, Bullard has been tracking down leads. The last place he can place Michael is in Tulsa’s 41st and Yale area. He said Michael called someone, asking for a ride but that person wasn't able to help.

"That is where my trail ended," said Bullard. "We are just trying to find out if anybody picked him up. If anybody saw somebody pick him up."

Bullard said Michael didn't have a phone or a car which makes it even tougher to track him.

"This is going on too long. The longer it goes the more concerned we get," said Bullard.

Michael's dad said his son is well known in the Skiatook community and said his son would never go this long without checking in with his family.

"We keep praying he is out there. That somebody will come across. It is getting to where we have checked almost everywhere," said Newman. "He does have mental issues. We are really worried.”

He said he is doing all he can to focus on bringing his son home.

"From a father's point of view, this is hard. One of the hardest things I have ever went through," said Newman. "Not only to me but he has got three sisters, his mother and his kids."