TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police arrested two men and are still looking for a third person after a string of burglaries happened Wednesday morning in Tulsa. The owner of Pretty Buds Dispensary said surveillance video showed three men men attempted to break into the store.

"One cased the building. The other two approached, and they were taking turns throwing rocks trying to make the windows shatter, but it didn't shatter," said Barbara Barre, Pretty Buds Dispensary owner.

Officers said surveillance video showed the same three men who tried to get into Barre's store attempt to break into other stores. They said the string of burglaries started near 51st and Sheridan around 1:30 Wednesday morning.

"The next three burglaries that occurred. We had one at a dispensary; it was attempted. Another at a liquor store out west, and finally they hit the Family Dollar," said Lieutenant Joe Gamboa.

He said each break-in was the same: men using rocks to try to break windows to get into the store. Minutes after the Family Dollar burglary, TPD and OHP chased a car matching the description of one seen at each of the burglary locations.

"The subjects pulled over, took off and ran on foot," said Lt. Gamboa.

Police arrested Dominic Marshall and Jawan Roach, after officers said they confirmed with surveillance video Marshall and Roach were the same two men from the early morning crime spree. They were not able to find the third suspect.

Back at Pretty Buds, Barre was left with the mess to clean up.

"But they weren't even able to break the glass. They just shattered it. It costs the same whether it was broken or shattered," said Barre.